• Call: Algeciras Pilots
  • Location: Muelle de la Galera (36°07`48" N, 005°26`21" W)
  • Telephone: 956 - 652056
  • V.H.F.: Ch. 13 - 16
  • Procedure: Vessels should send request for pilot via Agent at least 24 hours before arrival.
    Request should include:
    • Vessel's Name
    • Call Sign
    • Dead Weight
    • G. T.
    • L.O.A.
    • Deepest Draught
    • E.T.A., (to be updated if becoming over two (2) hours in error)
  1. Pilots will embark at the pilot station appearing on navegational charts.

  2. Vessels will be notified of the exact Pilot boarding position according destination inside the Algeciras Bay and sea weather conditions.

  3. All vessels should report to Algeciras Pilots on V.H.F. Ch. 13, One (1) hour before arrival, stating vessels name and E.T.A.

  4. They should report again on V.H.F. Ch. 13 at the entrance to Algeciras Bay, when crossing the alignment Punta Carnero - Punta Europa, in order to receive Algeciras Pilots instructions.

  5. All ships sailing inside Algeciras Bay must keep watch in VHF channels 16, 13 and 74. All anchored ships must keep watch in VHF channels 16 and 18.

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